Once the interactive map opens, click the   ➤ button to locate yourself.

Once the interactive map opens, click the ➤ button to locate yourself.


  • via Christopher Merchant Conservation Area: Park at the Collins St. Playground and walk down Christopher Way to the trail head. See the map above for details.
  • via the Powder House Stairs:  Park at the Collins St. Playground and walk down Madison St and look for the stairs and Amesbury Treasures plaque on left.
  • via Fairway Drive: There is a marked trailhead on the left of Fairway Drive opposite the Amesbury Country Club driveway.


Twelve acres of conservation land comprise this little-known municipal open space. The conservation land around the historic Powder House, and the Christopher Merchant Conservation Area are linked by a trail easement. A small trail network, including a foot bridge over a stream, is open to the public.

Amesbury Improvement Association maintains the powder house land.

The Power House

At the summit of Brown's Hill, on the eastern edge of Amesbury, a hidden treasure awaits your visit. Local legend states that the large, round masonry structure deep in the woods is a powder house built in 1810 to store gun powder during the War of 1812. The powder house has been overhauled many times over the years, and is currently undergoing repairs due to vandalism.

Christopher Merchant Conservation Area

Linked by trails to the Powder House area via a public access easement, Christopher Merchant Conservation Area is about four acres of forest dedicated by the Merchant family in memory of their son Chris. It can be accessed by a trailhead at the end of Christopher Way. Reference the map above for details.