Trout Lilies
Guided Walk at Powow Hill
Powow River Trail Network
Battis Farm
Riverwalk Rail Trail Cleanup
Battis Farm
Town Forest Mushrooms
The Great Swamp
Bartlett Woods
Woodsom South
Fishing spot at Battis
Haying at Woodsom Farm
Wild Geraniums
Lake Gardner by Canoe
Kayaking from Camp Kent
Puffball on Po Hill trail
Cattails at Deer Island
Fallen timber at Deer Island
Fairy House at Deer Island
Deer Island
A frog at Merrimack Landing
Wintergreen in the snow
Salamander at Merrimack Landing
The false turkey-tail fungus
Battis Farm in the Winter
Great blue heron
View from Batchelder Park
Island in Great Swamp
Kite Boarding at Woodsom
The Porcupine Tree
Woodpecker holes
Woodsom Landing
Powow Riverbank
Buttonbush along the Powow
Woodsom Landing
Lake Gardner Swimmers at sunset
Paddleboarder Lake Gardner
Kayak/Canoe Race
Riverwalk Rail Trail
Riverwalk Rail Trail
Riverwalk Rail Trail
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