Once the interactive map opens, click the   ➤ button to locate yourself.

Once the interactive map opens, click the ➤ button to locate yourself.



Amesbury's largest island, and the only one accessible by car, Deer Island briefly splits the mighty Merrimack river in half as the river begins to open up to form Newburyport Harbor. Two private homes sit on the west side of the island, but the east side is protected conservation land, which was purchased by the city  in 1984.

A short loop trail goes around the forested part of the island, and smaller trails branch out to fishing spots on the shore line, an east-facing beach area, and beautiful rocky outcroppings frequented by painters and photographers.


Deer Island is an island in the Merrimack on the Amesbury/Newburyport border. Follow Main St. or Merrill St. to the bridge, and look for the parking on lot on the left after crossing the first bridge, but before you get to the chain bridge. 

Or Google yourself over to this location. Parking is available for a few dozen cars.